I won the Gold Medal From the school Competition on Flute in LILA elementary school in 2003.

I conducted a choir of my class and arranged some songs from the movie 'The Sound of Music' in 2005. We won the first place in our year and attended the county league.

I played the drums in bands in my middle school, high school, and a little bit in my college.

I was in a gifted education program of a county in Seoul in 2005.

I have done some combat sports -- Taekwondo, Kendo, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing. I am planning to learn Krav Maga.

I started a non-profit organization (KSAY, Korea Space Association for Young generation) in 2010 in order to encourage public interests in space exploration, worked very hard for about 10 months, and basically failed!