Lecture Slides on RL (slides)
  • Guest Lecture at CS5304 (Data Science in the Wild), Cornell Tech, Spring 2019
  • TA Lecture at ESE 680 (Learning in Robotics), UPenn, Spring 2018
  • Joint Guest Lecture with Steven Chen at CIS520 (Machine Learning), UPenn, Fall 2017
Reinforcement Learning Exercise 
(MDP, Policy Iteration, Monte Carlo method, Q-learning)
  • Description (pdf,  source code (MATLAB))

  • Solution (release on: ) 

Course Reports
  • CIS 700 :

    • Final Project : Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Generation with Hierarchical Recurrent Encoder Decoder (slides)

  • ESE 650 : Learning in Robotics

  • PSYC 739 : Probabilistic Models of Perception & Cognition

    • Final Project : Full Bayesian Model and Reduced Bayesian Delta-Rule Model Explaining the Dynamics of Belief Updating in a Changing Environment (pdf)